How my iPhone helps me stay connected

In week one of the MA we’ve been looking at networks; that the key to online journalism, fundamentally, is distribution and to distribute you need a network. For me, networks do three things – offer you an audience for your content, offer you feedback and conversation around that content, and also keep you informed (before after or during the content creation process).

So taking that last point I’ve been updating my iPhone with some new apps to do just that, keep me informed. When the occupational health lady visited me at work last year (I have Work Related Upper Limb Disorder Type II which means bad posture and too much computer work equals neck and shoulder pain and a numb hand. Nice) she suggested swapping my iPhone for a non-smartphone to avoid checking email, social media etc from it, and therefore reducing my pain.

I nearly fell off my chair when she said that. “It’s not going to happen,” I told her politely, because in this day and age when the 9am to 5pm job no longer exists and when news isn’t confined to the 10 o’clock broadcast, I need my iPhone to stay connected, stay informed and conduct conversations. In fact, I use the phone far less for talking on than I do for checking email, tweeting, Facebooking, taking photos and AudioBoos. Quite honestly, I couldn’t live without it. So yes, my nerve endings may take a battering in the long run (but I can combat this by sensible use of the computer, sitting in the right position and no more laptopping from the sofa).

And here’s the what’s on my iPhone to help me with this… what’s on yours? Useful app recommendations are most welcome!

My iPhone

And the folder I use the most… social media, which contains the following:

Social media iPhone apps


PS There are more apps on my phone than the ones shown… for example, IconSkins is for making your iPhone lool pwetty and OPI is great for picking out new nail varnish colours. And ColourSplash and Shazam are for fun.

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