Documentally and the power of unplanned audio

When I did my A Level English my teacher told the whole class to plan an essay before writing it… except for me. I was allowed not to plan an essay because planning made it a whole lot worse. The organic approach worked for me and that was that.

And that’s probably how it works for Christian Payne, AKA Documentally, who churns out some fantastic audio with much of it unplanned. And that’s the pleasure of it, Christian himself may not know the story when he starts and that gives his podcasts pace and suspense, you journey with him as he teases a story – as yet unknown – out of the person or people he’s speaking to.

Here are some examples…


Documentally stopped this chap on the streets of Ely, interested in his uniform and unusual name badge. And out pops a nice story…

Interviewing one of The Open University’s first ever students and discovering a talented inventor…

The story here is Christian’s own. I’d been doing some work to support Race Online, the campaign to get the nation online by the end of 2012, and asked Christian if he’d mind supporting it with a bit of audio. As someone who truly values the power of the internet, I knew he’d have a story up his sleeve and this is a lovely about the value of technology and connectivity. In fact, the Race Online organisers said it was the nicest story they’d heard as part of the Give an Hour sub-campaign to spend an hour helping some offline get online.

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