From print to multimedia: some video and audio lessons learned

Here’s a little podcast focusing on my move from print to multimedia, the similarities, the differences and a few lessons learned along the way…


I used the Recorder Pro app on my iPhone to record my podcast and I did it in one take, with rough notes in front of me to help me focus when I lost my trail of thought (the fact the dog was scratching at the door to get in didn’t really help).

I’d usually use AudioBoo for this sort of thing but in the name of experimentation I used Recorder Pro. After a bit of faffing and wondering how on earth I was going to email a 74mb file to myself (huge!) I realised I could sync my phone and computer and download the file direct, simples! I also have the option to record in different formats to reduce file size; this time around I chose wav. And I can email files or email links to files, so lots of options.

Once I’d downloaded the file I imported it into Audacity, played it through and attempted to tidy it up a bit with a few edits.

Getting to grips with Audacity took a while and I had to download the LAME encoder to be able to export as an MP3 files. I lost patience with Audacity, it’s been a while since I last used it, and found it frustrating and not particularly intuitive to use – so tips welcome!

Had I been at work I’d have used Final Cut Express which I find much easier  to ise but I don’t have this installed on my personal laptop. So I decided to sod editing out all the erms and pauses, export the file as an MP3 to make it much smaller and therefore quicker to upload to Soundcloud.

I then exported the file and imported it into SoundCloud with some links..

So, the content’s there but there are too many pauses and erms and I clearly lose my trail of thought when the dog starts scratching at the office door, probably wondering why I’m talking to myself. I’d like to tidy the audio up, make it tighter and shorter, and like my BCU classmate Franzi, it would be cool to add some relevant links to support what I’m saying.

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