Experimenting with audio slideshows (and a tribute to my dog)

My first attempt at an audio slideshow saw me accidentally creating my dog’s epitaph, probably because I used track seven off this album as it shares the same name as my nearly two-year-old cocker spaniel. So, thankful that my furry friend is very much alive, I changed the music to something more jolly and came up with this:

Okay, so it’s rushed and rough around the edges but for the purposes of experimentation, successful. I used iMovie on the Mac which I found to be an intuitive tool. I found my way around the functionality with ease and it allowed me to do all the things I wanted, including easy cropping and positioning of images, the length of time images appeared and it was simple to add titles, rolling credits and music.

What I learned:

  • iMove is great for beginners, intuitive and the more you experiment the more you’ll discover you can do
  • Low quality images won’t go unnoticed. I used a few here and it’s really obvious so stick to good quality and your slideshow will look much sharper
  • You can time your images to the beats of the music, which works well and creates more impact but takes some time to master
  • It’s dead easy to export your finished file which I then chose to upload to YouTube and embed on this blog
  • A sequence of images to music (or an interview or one-person narrative) can be a powerful combination. My initial attempt with the track, Ralphie, bought tears to my eyes (yes, quite possibly, I need to get a grip)

I’d definitely be keen to try audio slideshows in the future; on a personal level I prefer watching a slideshow over a video but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

The Guardian has a great collection of audio slideshows and here’s one on a dog theme, to compare to mine.

For other great examples of audio slideshows check out these by MA Online journalism students: Hedy Korbee’s about the history of a school (I love the creaking door at the start) and this one by Sihlangu Tshuma about a man who makes his home on an allotment in a suburb of Birmingham.

The Garden of Eden from sihlangu on Vimeo.



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