It’s all about the planning #MAent

One of the things that’s always worried me about starting a business is the planning. The business plans, the budgeting, the documentation, the forward planning, the paperwork. I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start, and indeed, many startups don’t plan, they just launch straight in with their idea, get cracking and off they go.

ganttBut I have to say, despite thinking I’d find the planning side a bit of a bore, I now feel prepared, confident and organised in my approach to launching a startup. That’s not to say my idea doesn’t have holes in it and I’m still, in part, wandering blindly through the process hoping I come out the other end unscathed. But if I was to ever launch a business I’d feel confident that I know how to tackle the planning elements, and look at things from different angles. What I’m learning from other people is also contributing to this planning process.

What I’m trying to say, and possibly not very succinctly, is that I find the creative ideas stuff fun and relatively easy (I think creativity is in my blood) but the business genes I thought my dad (MD of a stainless steel company) had failed to pass on, may be there after all. The business element doesn’t come naturally to me, I don’t think, but this MA module has been incredibly useful in teaching me the process that helps turn an idea into a business. And it hasn’t been boring either. I’d usually recoil in horror at the thought of spreadsheets, charts and tables, but in a slightly sad way I’ve been embracing them.

I also think fundamental journalism skills help when trying to be entrepreneurial: I’ve been doing interviews since I rolled out of college (and that was a good long while ago), I’ve always been organised and planned work (in order to meet deadlines and make room for breaking news, should it arise) and research has always been a key element in creating content, producing a rounded, well-developed story, and in finding and learning new skills and tools which help with the digital and technical side of what I do for a living.

So, without further ado, I’ll link to some of my planning documents so a) my tutor can spy on me read them b) generally interested folk can have a peruse and may find them useful and c) it’ll keep my mum busy for 30 minutes or so. She spies on me takes an interest too. Hi mum!


SWOT analysis

(great way of looking at the business and finding that sometimes strengths can be weaknesses too)

PEST analysis

(ironic name given I’m the proud owner of two toddlers/pests – and this one I found quite tricky)

Research grid

(what I need to get done in terms of research – I have spent DAYS reading stuff on t’internet you know)

Business Canvas Model

(groovy little planning tool which felt a bit business-ish to start with but really help sets up the foundations of any startup)

Marketing mix

(a more developed marketing plan will follow soon. Ish)

Gantt chart

(always goes down best with a Corona, I find – see image)




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  1. Lesley Heardman says:

    It’s good to spy


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