Instagram as a platform for my business #MAent

I really like Instagram. So simple, visually pleasing and a great mix of images and video. And I quite like it as a platform for my online training business. It’s a really cool tool for business, offering an easy way to promote services and products, linking back to full articles/blog posts or training materials. And it offers a way to cultivate followers so your content flashes up as people scroll through their feeds. Like a more finely tuned and elegant Facebook, I guess.

I’ve set up the ContentEdMK Instagram page now (although links through to courses etc won’t be live, I’m just using it as a prototype) and have had more than 20 likes in the 30 minutes I’ve just spent loading photos and videos. This gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

The aim is to combine free content (simple tips, how tos and local events and information) with paid-for training courses (more detailed, comprehensive, hour-by-hour training modules). All of which will be accessed via a link underneath the title photo or video, paid-for courses will sit behind a paywall or some other formal log in, once a user has registered and paid (I’ll thrash the details of this out later, there are numerous options).

I’m pleased with the look and feel, and the simplicity this platform offers. And I have more ideas in my head than time in the day. Here’s what it looks like so far…

The ContentEd MK Instagram page

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