How to make a great pic awesome



Snapping away as a bride walks down the aisle mostly brings up a camera-full of blurred, awkward photos as you grapple with friends and family from the discomfort of a pew.

On the occasion of Esther and Dave’s wedding I hit it lucky, capturing this photo of Esther in all her wedding-day glory. It also captures my friend Jen’s mobile phone, just in shot and framing Esther perfectly. I’d like to say this was my creative genius at play, but alas, it was just a coincidence, albeit a brilliant one.

I tinkered around with the image a bit (after the wedding, of course, although I could easily have done it at the back of the church and between hymns). And, thanks to the Photosplash app, I turned it from a brilliant photo into an awesome one.

This app turns your photos into black and white and you can use your fingertip to highlight areas of colour.

I was never going to get a wifi signal in a church but thanks to the power of 3G or 4G I could easily have enhanced the photo and posted it to social media by the time the bride had said ‘I do’.

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