You know you’re addicted to this #mojo lark when…

…you take your kids to zoo and can’t help but whip out the mobile phone. And don’t take any pictures of the kids! I was genuinely gutted that I left the 64GB iPhone 6S at home (dead battery) and instead had to make do with the 16GB iPhone 5S after deleting a load of photos to make room. It was a gloriously sunny day and I can’t help thinking I missed a trick or two at Woburn Safari Park.

The kids fell asleep about the time I pulled into the lion enclosure and I desperately tried to capture an artistic shot of two lions sleeping in my rear view mirror. I really needed to open the window and reverse a bit to make it work… but chose safety over art. I’m not ready for the “Did you hear the one about the lion who found his #mojo? For dinner!”.

Instead, and in the space of literally two minutes because a) my phone ran out of storage and b) the kids were screaming for ice cream, I took a few shots of some super cute sea lions. And this is the result, courtesy of Splice for editing and Videoshop for the text overlay. Short and sweet.

Sea Lions at Woburn Safari Park from Robyn Bateman on Vimeo.

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