A chat about mojo with Robb Montgomery

When I started this course in May I signed up for Robb Montgomery’s mojo masterclass. It’s awesome. So after some cyber stalking, I asked Robb if I chat to him in more detail about mobile journalism and draw on his experience of it as a profession and what it’s like to teach it to people like me.

So me and Robb Skyped, Blighty to Berlin, and I’ve finally gotten around to putting it together. And in the interests of being multimedia, I turned it into a podcast.

Robb is fascinating and very talented, you have to listen to him. Me, on the other hand? I may have a face for radio but I’m not even sure if I have the voice – I sound so monotone! Perhaps this listening to your own voice lark gets easier over time…

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One thought on “A chat about mojo with Robb Montgomery

  1. […] In short, this trip to the Tate reminded me that video can be used in some really clever and less obvious ways and contributes to the “renegotiating what is conventional and normal in the everyday practices of journalism” as stated by Mattheson (2004). And that presentational skills (visual storytelling) can enhance stories – something that’s all the more important in the digital age and is amplified by mojo (mobile journalism) expert Robb Montogmmery in this interview. […]


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